Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sessle B goes to the markets...

On the weekend we did our first market stall! It was a lot of work preparing, but it was so much fun.
The markets were a little quiet due to it being the long weekend, but the feedback we got from those who came in was amazing. Our gift packs were especially popular, and so many people wanted to know if we'd be back, and wanted to tell their friends about us! The baby packs all sold in a flash (a vintage cotton wrap, a knitted bonnet or booties and a bottle of our own organic baby massage oil). The 'Hot Choccie Cheer' packs were also popular (a vintage cup & saucer, antique silver teaspoon, our organic hot choc mix and bag of mini 'mallows) there was a tea version too, with our organic Rooibos chai mix.
The ladies were impressed with the quality of our vintage garb, and some were pretty excited about the suitcase of vintage baby threads I have been hoarding, which haven't yet made it to the Etsy site.
All told, it was a buzz playing shop keeper in the real, chatting to people and being a part of the market hum. Can't wait to hit the next one!

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