Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wedding Day Willies

Dolly paused in the shadow of the old church. Her time had come. Her moment of glory, the time of entry into the hallowed sphere of matrimony. Ronald was waiting in there expectantly.

So why did she feel uncertain?
It was a little crawly feeling starting down in her chest and creeping up into her head.
She paused dramatically, hand upon the handle of the door, and the feeling hightened.

Really, she wasn't sure about that beard. And he didn't like kittens. That was rather serious.

Maybe today was a better day for baking shortcake? She smiled happily at how becoming she would look baking strawberry shortcake in white lace and silk.



This dress is divine. I wish I had found it a few years ago. (Although I definately wouldn't have fitted the wood-fired pizza or handmade raspberry tarts into it!).
A tiny fit, size 6 to small 8 (Aus/UK : size 4-6 US), with petite lace bust and long sleeves, throat-high lace with underlying sweetheart silk neckline. It has a full silky white skirt with train (loop catch to gather up at the back) falling from the waistline. It is in amazing original condition from the seventies. I have seen a few dresses around from this era, and this darling is honestly the best I have come across... no garish flounces or trills or too much lace... just sweet, elegant and totally perfect.
I can't wait for some little lady to fall in love with this dress and take her to the altar... the only condition of sale is I must have a photo! (Please oh please.) You can view the babe here.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tote-ally Awesome Giveaway

We are excited to announce that Sessle B's is having a little giveaway to celebrate 100 facebook and Etsy fans!
We have 4 hand-designed, hand-sewn, hand-screen-printed Sessle B's canvas tote bags for 4 lucky people. (Valued at $18 each). There is one of each of our four limited-run designs which have just been listed at the Vintagery.

For a chance to get you one, share our facebook page on your wall, or tag us in a cool status update, or simply tell a friend about Sessle B's Vintagery, and let us know by joining the event here!
The giveaway will be drawn in 2 weeks... we look forward to posting out 4 fun packages soon!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Flairy Flares

The latest addition at the vintagery, a sweet stash of original 60's flares in sherbet colours...

These are like finding gold! Genuine 60s, near new condish, super sweet colours. Just to hire a pair of these from a costume shop costs a fortune!
As they were all sourced at the same time, and are the same(ish) size, it seems that one swinging sixties babe had a bit of a fetish!
Don these retro darlings and you will be the centrepiece of any occasion. Find them here, plus a couple more.

Sessle B's

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lacey Dreams

Subtle suggestions of skin under softly spread blossoms... lacey shadows falling about her feet in the afternoon sun.
She held onto the skirt on each side and raised it up, becoming a winged dream on the grass ahead for a few magic minutes. A creature emerging from the dim, motionless place inside herself. 
Then the sun dipped away and all there was was shadow and memory.

There's just something about lace isn't there?
This beautiful 60's tea dress will make you feel like an angel. Creamy scallop-edge lace, in a full skirt falling from a gathered waist, sweetheart bandeau neckline behind the throat-high lace, long sleeves and vee back.  I imagine it as a wedding dress, with some cheeky coloured shoes and unique couture headpiece. There is only one of course, which is located here, and whichever Cinderella can fit into it comfortably (I honestly only just got into it! So it is really a 6 or very small 8), and buys it, is one lucky lady.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Little Vintage Trail

Back from our trip to SA and VIC, with some goodies for the shop and a few pics of our wanderings...

Irving Baby
Twin Street, off Rundle Mall, Adelaide City
This little gem has long been a favourite vintage haunt when we visit adelaide. On the rockerbilly side, it's full of fun bits and pieces and well priced clothing. It been operating for 19 years!

Hunter Gatherer
Brunswick Street, Melbourne
This pretty little pet on funky Brunswick street is a must to check out. A great range of clothing at good prices. And even better... it is a charity based store, with proceeds going to help children in India. We love!

Lost and Found Market
1/5 Perry Street, Collingwood
An Aladins cave of all things vintage. Made up of many individual sellers goods in little pockets of individuality, inside one great old warehouse. You could spend days in here. And the staff are just lovely too.

Thanks Adelaide and Melbourne for a great old time!