Sunday, 18 December 2011

Loitering by the Phonebooth

Dolly waited impatiently at the phonebooth. She had seen him, Herbet that is, walk into the drug store some twenty minutes ago and not yet come out. Her plan was sound, but boy was she getting sick of waiting, standing there in her too-small white pumps. But it was well worth it of course, she reminded herself... "Excuse me, but I seem not to have a single coin in my purse to telephone my ill grandmother... would you be SO kind?"... Lots of lash flutter and sweet demureness and he would be helpless. Foolproof.

What a lovely sunny winter afternoon for a photoshoot, in Clunes with my talented photographer (and gorgeous friend) Nette. I am loving the colour combo of powder blue, cherry red and white or creams at the moment. This sweet little polka dot dress can be found here, Oroton mesh clutch here, and little red wool jumper here. Team your vintage threads with some cherry nail polish and lippy and you're ready to loiter by the phonebooth!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Love Your Olds

For too long now they have been scorned, disrespected and mistreated... locked in dusty darkness, cramped together in sickly lavender smelling coffins, offered up to the gaping mouths of charity bins.
For too long folks have been cheaply distracted by newcomers... But the time has now come to Love Your Olds.

Sourcing discerningly and affectionately, Sessle B's Vintagery brings you garments with their own story, their own unique identity. Garb you can love.

Welcome to Sessle B's Vintagery. We hope that it will become your first-stop-shop for vintage fashion.
Sessle B's is an artisan business based in Northern Rivers, New South Wales Australia (a beautiful part of the world!). We offer locals free delivery and pick up, Lismore, Alstonville and Casino... we love to keep things really personal, and promise to keep it that way even over an online shopfront.

We are commencing with an Etsy Store where you will find plenty of sweet items listed regularly. (Men's Items and Jewellery coming soon!)
You can stay updated on new arrivals, new looks and general chit-chattery on this blog, and through our facebook page.

We are happy to have you around, and thank you for helping our business grow by sharing our links with your friends. Happy shopping (or browsing).

The Sessle B Team

. . . . . . . . ps: our first 20 customers will receive a small vintage gift with their purchase! . . . . . . . .