Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lacey Dreams

Subtle suggestions of skin under softly spread blossoms... lacey shadows falling about her feet in the afternoon sun.
She held onto the skirt on each side and raised it up, becoming a winged dream on the grass ahead for a few magic minutes. A creature emerging from the dim, motionless place inside herself. 
Then the sun dipped away and all there was was shadow and memory.

There's just something about lace isn't there?
This beautiful 60's tea dress will make you feel like an angel. Creamy scallop-edge lace, in a full skirt falling from a gathered waist, sweetheart bandeau neckline behind the throat-high lace, long sleeves and vee back.  I imagine it as a wedding dress, with some cheeky coloured shoes and unique couture headpiece. There is only one of course, which is located here, and whichever Cinderella can fit into it comfortably (I honestly only just got into it! So it is really a 6 or very small 8), and buys it, is one lucky lady.

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